Thursday, March 3, 2011

NHLers Lose Things Too

Joffrey Lupul just had his iPhone returned after he left it in a Toronto taxi. He sent out a tweet on Twitter and his followers were quick to call the taxi company. He isn’t the only NHLer losing things, here are a few of the more noticeable ones.

Mike Fisher: Nashville Home Buyers Guide-- Where else is he going to live in Nashville?

PA Parenteau: His first name-- Really. Come now. He wasn't named after Papa Bear was he?

Sidney Crosby: His memories of the Olympic-winning goal-- Not really that important if he can’t remember his name either.

James Riemer: His fireproof armour-- Because its essential being a Canadian playing net in the frying pan known as Toronto.

Mark Recchi: His typewriter-- He needs it to ‘type’ his ‘letters’ to take to the ‘post office’.

Jeff Skinner: Justin Beiber hair piece-- Without it he can’t complete the transformation into the NHL’s much needed heartthrob.

Cary Price: Halak’s shadow-- Actually he meant to lose it.

Ovechkin and Backstrom: Their mojo-- We’re pretty sure Stamkos and St. Louis stole it.

Paul Bissonnette: His iPhone in the toilet-- What do you expect from Twooping?

Ian White: Himself-- You would too if you were traded from one side of the map to the other this many times in a year...

Matthew Hulsizer: His mind-- Enough said.

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