Monday, March 14, 2011

Eastern Conference Surprises

The Eastern Conference has been full of surprises this season. From Kovalchuk’s huge contract and New Jersey’s big turn around in the second half, to significant injuries to Crosby, Savard, and Pacioretty, this season has had its share of twists and turns. For more surprises, real or imagined, keep reading:

Pittsburgh Penguins: The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton team plus Fleury and Letang can actually win a few games. Dwight Schrute approves.

NY Islanders: Tavares hasn’t yet been signed to a monster 30 year contract worth $1 billion.

Ottawa Senators: Are such a horrible team, even “Mr. Anderson” can’t save them. Of course, we all thought that about the Matrix too.

NY Rangers: Tortorella waited throughout all of last season to crush Gaborik’s spirit and render him ineffective. He’s since made up for lost time.

Florida Panthers: Got away with convincing at least one other NHL team that all Nathan Horton needed was good linemates.

Tampa Bay Lightning: Got away with convincing everyone that that Stamkos guy is just really their GM in makeup.

Boston Bruins: Chara isn’t the big lovable Slovak teddy bear we all thought he was.

Carolina Hurricanes: Their captain gives prideful Toronto a spoonful of hockey market comeuppance by picking Kessel last at the All Star game.

Washington Capitals: Their captain learns defense, but forgets how to score goals.

Buffalo Sabres: An owner that actually spent his own money to buy the team. What a novelty!

Atlanta Thrashers: Their still in Georgia.

Montreal Canadiens: Contrary to what their fans thought at the time, they got the Halak trade right, but traded the wrong Kostitsyn.

New Jersey Devils: They ruined a very good chance of drafting in the top 3 this summer with MacLean coaching. And they got rid of him why?

Toronto Maple Leafs: Finally traded Kaberle to one of the only teams he’d go to and got back a king’s ransom. I don’t know, maybe Chiarelli owed Burke one?

Philadelphia Flyers: It isn’t surprising they’ve traded their first rounder, but it is surprising it was for a 3rd liner on one of the league’s worst teams.

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