Saturday, January 14, 2012

Current NHL Standings with Possible Realignment

Random Thoughts:
Winnipeg is 3 points out and would have to jump 2 teams to get in the playoffs presently, but under this set up, they are 7 points out and would have to jump 3 teams.
-Seems Donald Fehr may have some Manitoba moccasins waiting for him as a gift in Winnipeg. But he better pick them up before he helps cancel the Jets second season back!

Dallas and Minnesota could loudly complain they would have made the 'Dance' in any other conference.
-Of course they'd be eerily quiet when asked about winning the first round.

Vancouver is only two points ahead of second place this year, but under the new system would have a 6-point cushion.
-A cushion would be a nice change from the pillow they've been crying into this year.

Most think Ottawa and Florida are over-achieving this year. That means the Bruins could start booking their Conference Finals tickets already. Not too different from this season...